How to Watch State of Origin Live Stream from Overseas

While we approach June, every rugby fan is excepting another exciting match between New South Wales and Queensland Maroons in a state of origin competition.

The state of origin is among the top NRL tournaments that are usually a repeat of a similar match in three different meetings. For this year, the first game will on the 5th of June at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane.

The second game will follow on 23rd of June, will be at the Optus stadium while the last match will on the 10th of July, and will be at the Homebush stadium.

Watch State of Origin from Overseas

Watch State of Origin Live Stream from overseas

Do you want to watch all three matches of state of origin from overseas?

Here we show you the ways.

1. Using satellite or cable TV

The first way to watch the state of origin live from overseas is to use your cable or satellite TV. Channel 9 and sky sports channels are available on cable and satellite TVs, and these channels have acquired rights to broadcast the live events of the state of origin.

These channels can also be accessed online, and this gives us an insight into the second way to watch the state of origin from overseas. Let us see the second way.

2. Online streaming

The other way to watch the state of origin from overseas is going online. Luckily, many online TVs will give access to channel 9 and sky sport. Here are some of the streaming service providers that you can use.

a. NRL Live Pass

NRL Live pass is our first online streaming service that can also be accessed on cable TV. It is a top channel if you are considering watching the state of origin online from any location of the world.

b. 9Now

Here is another streaming service provided by nine networks. It is from channel 9 and a good option for those considering accessing the state of origin through the internet.

c. WatchNRL

This is another perfect channel to consider if you are an overseas guy. Like any other channel, this also requires an internet connection.

3. Geographic limitation

We have seen that there two among other ways to access the state of origin while overseas. One thing you that should note is that the above two methods come with a geographic limitation.

So how can we go about it? There is a savior for you. It is non-other than the VPN services. Yes, even if you have a geographic limit, you can apply a VPN to overcome such an obstacle and watch the state of origin from overseas like any other fan in Australia.

Luckily there are many VPNs, and we give the top three can suit the needs.

I. ExpressVPN

The ExpressVPN is our top recommended and comes with several benefits. First, it Is a very fastest VPN that can help hide your location and facilitate you to watch the event comfortably. More so, with its user-friendly interface, using this VPN will not be something to sit in class for.


This second option, which is also excellent service in regards to giving you access beyond the geographic limit. It also comes with user-friendly interface alongside fastest speeds. It also has excellent customer support, and you can use bitcoin for paying subscriptions.

III. BulletVPN

The BulletVPN is another easy to use VPN intended to help you overcome the geographic limit. If looking for an affordable VPN, the BulletVPN is an option to consider.

Last Words

Being overseas doesn’t imply that you are excluded from cheering your favorite tournament. With the above information, you know what to do. Take the step and enjoy like any other fan.

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