State of Origin 2020: Date, Time, TV Schedule, Tickets

Should I count you as one of the rugby fans? If yes, what rugby do you like to watch? Do you know about the state of origin rugby league? Whether you know or you don’t know, here you are at the place.

The state of origin is one of the outstanding rugby competitions in Australia. The game is usually a repeat of a similar match in different venues for three times. The events are often between Queensland Maroon against New South Wales.

In last year, the New Wales Blues won the competition after winning two of the three matches against their opponent, the Queensland Maroon. This year will be another exciting year, and here we take our time to inform you some few things so that you should not miss this year’s event.

State of Origin 2019 Date, Time, TV Schedule, Tickets


Do you know when will be this event? While it is not surprising if you don’t know, for this year, the event, which will be in three matches as usually, will kick off on the 5th of June. The second match will be on the 23rd of June, and the third match will be on the 10th of July.


You need to know the kick off times for each match if you plan not to miss any of them, it is also worth noting that, if you decide to watch from home, then you consider the variations in local times.

However, it remains that the first match to kick off at 8 PM, the second match to kick off at 6 PM.


The event will take place in different stadia’s. Here are the confirmed stadiums.

Melbourne cricket ground

This is a stadium known for its tall towers and where we expect to cheer the first game of the event. The Melbourne Cricket ground is Australian stadium located at Yara Park, Melbourne. This stadium is known to be one of the biggest cricket stadiums across the globe. Indeed, it is the tenth largest stadium around the world.

The Optus stadium

The Optus stadium will be the host of the second match. This multipurpose stadium is located in Perth. While it is a new stadium, just opened in 2017, it is one of the biggest stadia that can hold over 60 0000 people. This capacity places it the third largest stadium in Australia.

Homebush Stadium

The last match is confirmed to be at Homebush stadium, one of the stadiums located in Sydney. The Homebush stadium is a multipurpose stadium that was built in 1999 for the need to host the 2000 world Olympic Games.

TV Schedule

If you are planning to watch on TV, then know that channel 9 and sky sports are the channels to tune on. They will broadcast the live events, and one thing that will also appreciate is that they can be accessed online.

We have informed of the starting time, so be on the radar and cheer like any other fan.


If you are looking for the tickets for this rugby league, you can get them from the Ticketmaster. The tickets are available separately for each event. Moreover, you can buy the tickets from the NRL official site.

Last Words

If you love rugby, the state of origin is a league to think about. For sure, if you haven’t watched any of its matches, then you have been missing a lot of fun. All in all, this year is another year, and the event is just a few yards ahead of us.

While we have given the vital information that you need, missing this year’s event should not be on the radar.

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