A New Trend Might Just Be the Answer to Queensland Recent Problems

It is safe to say that fans of Queensland Maroons must have gotten used to winning the State of Origin series. The team enjoyed an unprecedented level of success and dominance in the last thirteen years, including a record-setting eight consecutive titles. The Queensland team has really found its footing in the new format; when you consider the fact that New South Wales Blue practically turned the interstate into a one-sided affair throughout the early format of the series. Queensland fans would want something of such nature, which is why the recent performance of their team in the series will make them start to worry.

A New Trend Might Just Be the Answer to Queensland Recent Problems

New South Wales Blues won the 2018 State of Origin Series and it was a moment of huge relief for the team and the entire state as a whole. Many expected Queensland Maroons to reclaim the title during the 2019 edition only to see the team record a second straight loss to their bitter rivals. Suddenly, the Queensland Maroons are the ones on the back foot. This is why Coach Kevin Walters has made a drastic change in the preparation of the team for the series.

Everyone affiliated to Queensland Maroons is hell-bent on avoiding a third straight defeat and this sentiment is reflected the most in Walters. He has decided to make a very crucial change to their preparation strategy; that is, to call the entire team for the pre-season training camp.

This means that come February 2020, a full-strength squad will be at the Queensland training camp. You will find the mix of experienced players who have several games of the series under their belt and new faces, some of whom will be making their series debut this year.

The tradition adopted by Walter is to call only emerging players for the summer camp. This gives them room and opportunity to get up to speed with the demands of the game. The point is to see your emerging players on the same wavelength as the more experienced players who will join up with the squad later.

This time around, the coach has named every member of the team that took part in the 2019 State of Origin series and rising hopefuls that will making a push for a place in the team come 2020 State of Origin series.

Walter’s goal is to have the 2020 Origin squad spend a lot of time together before the series. The coach wants the players to build relationships both on the field and off the field. He wants players in specific positions to gel perfectly and become in tune before the premier sporting event in the country returns.

And it is hard not to see the point of the coach. The Queensland Maroons needs to be at its best to reclaim the title and this strategy will definitely help the players get in sync.

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